Websites? Everybody wants one nowadays. And there are plenty of web ninjas out there who can help you. So, what makes me different? Well, in a word, colour! … and fun! … colourful fun! ( which is two words, but who’s counting )

If you need a website, and are not allergic to cool fun colourful stuff, then get in touch. We can have a chat about your needs and I can present you with a selection of funky options to consider. CONTACT ME

I promise that your website will be…


I will always do my best to build a website that is unique, colourful and tactile. I want your website to represent who you are as an individual or company. If you tire of all these mass produced cookie cutter websites getting churned out all over the web, then we have something in common! I’m proud of the fact that virtually all my projects differ from one another quite drastically.

Fast and Secure

Lets not mince words – slow websites suck. I don’t like them. Google don’t like them. The dude sitting on a bus with his data limited smartphone certainly don’t like them. I like my websites trim and zippy. And I will also follow the web standards for website security, to deliver you a website as hack proof as possible. Sign up for an after sales plan and I will keep your website up to date and error free, with regular backups in case of any emergencies.

Easy to Edit

Websites shouldn’t be a pain in the arse to edit. Whether you want to add or tweak some text, or shove in some images or videos – it should be easy as pie. On the other hand you don’t want to be intimidated by a myriad of options. We will discuss exactly which parts of your website you want to be able to edit and I will fine tune the process, to make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible for you.

What can I do for you?

My ethos is to build all my websites from the ground up to your exact specifications. I pride myself on the bespoke approach as is allows me to start with a blank slate which can then be tailored into the website you want – as opposed to something close, but to quite 100%.

Sure, there are plenty of web designers out there who can build you a website for very little cost, in very little time. But this is mostly achieved by using existing ready-made tools and themes. This becomes a problem when you want your website to have some feature or style that the tools cant facilitate, at which point your choices are to compromise or be prepared to see the costs pile up.

If you need some custom functionality, or some fancy interactivity, that falls outside the norms of typical web design, I embrace the challange! I want your website to look and work exactly how you would like it to without limitations as to what is possible.

Recent/Current Projects



Wildfire Worlds was a game project I was involved in. A comedic riot simulator, realised in paper-craft! Website wasn’t so hot, to be honest, but some of the artwork was lovely.

The website was basically a simple blog to follow the development of the game. As such, it needed to be very simple ( my web-fu was a bit crap at the time ), allowing the great artwork featured in the blog to take center stage.

Unfortunately,  we had to pause development in 2016. But I’m still proud of the ridiculousness of it all! So I’ll include it here, for the sake of historical archive.



This is a template I’ve been working on which is aiming for a medical/pharmaceutical style.

I’ve been mainly using it to show you good people some variety in my work. Because I build my websites from the ground up, they are not limited in any way. I can do clean and serious, just as easily as chunky and fun!



Partial Facsimile are a collective of visual and audio artists, coming together in joyful experimentation.

They needed a website to cover events and feature the artists. They had no interest in search ranking, and wanted a front page that required some exploration to navigate, as opposed to norm; making buttons and links as clear as possible.



A water charity working mostly in Uganda and India asked me to revamp are rather tired looking blog into a snazzy new website.

The original charity founder unfortunately passed away, but his friends honoured him by continuing on in his name. As the founder had a strong militant twang, they wanted the website to mirror his vibe. So we went for something a bit on the aggressive side. I had fun making it and they we’re very happy with the result.



Sellers of premium cutting tools for the stone industry. They needed an e-Commerce store, which should follow the styling of their existing branding and tools. They wanted something with some colour and not visually like a typical online store.

Their industry is chunky. The tools are chunky. The website needed chunkiness. I did my best to oblige.



This is a work in progress. My sons schools has a painfully ragged website and we felt it was time for a face-lift. So I started this project to get some ideas going. The school is weighted heavily towards using natural materials and crafting. So I wanted to mirror that in the styling.

I’m pretty happy with the way it’s going. Still need some photos from the school and some modified text, but the general style is going well.



This is a project I started for a local hairdresser starting her own business. Please excuse the random silly photos! My client is on the verge of getting a property for the salon, meaning some nice photos to populate the website.

As it stands its a nice example of a very clean, cute and simple website design. Looking forward to seeing it with some proper images.



Bespoke repairs are a high quality stone, glass and wood repair company. The owner came to me with a large number of repairs already done with hundreds of images showing the repairs being done. There were lots of different types of material and lots of different types of repair, and we needed a way to elegantly allow a visitor to find examples of specific types of repair, quickly and without fuss.

After lots of experimentation we ended up with a quick and robust system for browsing the repairs which many of the clients customers have commented that’s it was very easy to use.